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babis team


Our Food Lab is led by Head Chef, Babis Tsamadias, and our trinity of kitchen powerhouses – Sotiris, Nikos and Andreas. As the beating heart behind each aspect of what we offer, they bring their dreams, imagination, personality, keen sensitivity and, most of all, Soul….to your table.


We call them partners because without the care of our local producers, farmers, fisherman and artisans our dishes would not have the resonance that they do. Like us, they set the bar high and take time to select the very best of what is in season. We are thankful to be working with many generational family-run who cherish their craft and heritage.

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We want the meals that come out of our kitchen to make you feel good. To remind you of home, long forgotten pleasures and the company of friends. Our table is surrounded in joy, experimentation and the roots of creating something new every day. This is the part of the table. the Soul of what drives our crazy dream.